The Staff



 I'm Mari-Lynn, CEO and president of this fabulous little shop. My role at Model Citizens is primarily in creative direction and design, buying and all things business. What drew me to retail as a young girl was the potential of helping people discover themselves through clothing. As an adult, I still get that thrill when an event is coming up and my  open closet stands before me. We can say so much about ourselves through what we wear, and every day is a new possibility. My education is in business and design, and through my cocktail of classes and experience I found Model Citizens. Within a short time I became a permanent staff member and today I'm proud to call myself the owner of this gig. I believe Model Citizens offers a little peice of joy to the world that many other retailers don't.  We love our products, our staff and our clients!

More about me? Well I have a little Pug and Jack Russell Chihuahua who keep me company as I sit at my office. I have a fabulous husband who supports any and all...Ok most, of my crazy ideas, and two little rescue cats. I am a Swifty, Indian food lover, and designer. I'm a vintage Louis Vuitton lover, home decor addict, and I don't cheap out on bedding or underwear. There was a period or two in my life where I owned handbags more expensive than my car, and I rarely wear the same outfit twice. My core beauty items include Tval Raspberry toner, Mac Creme Cup lipstick, and Dior mascara. 

My life motto? All things in moderation. Except fashion.  Always fashion. Oh, and never pay retail...Ok? 



Anna has been with ModelCitizens since the day it opened. Over the years she's seen the world, studied out of province and always helped us out when she was in town. She is back in full time action now as the new head of, owning all of the art direction, photography and advertising. Have a question for MC? Anna answers. Anna is really cool- and really, really lovely. Anna knows Punk Rock, good Veggie eats, and fashion. Anna is most often spotted in various shades of black, and is always on point. A pro in vintage lingerie and silk, silver jewelry and Liberty prints. She has a big fluffy doggie Pal names Louis, and has thrifting down to a science. Anna sports an honors degree in Costume from Dalhousie, and is truly great at what she does. Anna knows how to turn everyday looks into a look that's all your own. Simple chic, and 



Cecilia Evans is the new kid on the block. With a plump CV full of retail experience, Cecilia knows how to make everyone feel welcome and cared for. She loves fashion, in an everyday way. She will take a vintage Vera Wang silk dress and wear it over a t shirt. She will wear sky high heels just because. Cecilia likes something, and she wears it. She is funny, personable and always ahead of the curve. She knows who's wearing who in Hollywood, and all the styles that won't fly. She is saving up for the perfect Chanel wallet, and is a full on Starbucks addict. She loves self care- long baths, face masks, good magazines and expensive make up. St.John's native Cecilia is our very own model off duty. Come visit her today- she will help make all your style dreams come true!





  *HONORARY MC Staff- Currently Exploring!**

Meet Diana, lovingly dubbed D Dawg, she is a St.John's native and fellow Swifty.   She has fantastic taste in music, and even better taste in lipstick. We think she is currently saving up to buy shares in Mac, Nars and Stila.  Her favourite articles of clothing include boyfriend fit denim jackets, her Levi's leather jacket, a relaxed skinny jean, and relaxed t-shirt dresses. Her style is on trend, and you guessed it... relaxed. Channeling the likes of Olivia Palermo and Gigi Hagdid, she rocks hats and sunglasses like noone we've ever met. Diana is our right hand gal when it comes to all things tech, and is basically running this online shop. She is currently lusting for an Alexander McQueen scarf- so if anyone's selling, get in touch! ;)