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Meet the staff!

Karyn Renee Stephanie Inder, better known as Go-Go Dancer Komrad Anna Karyna was born is balmy St. John's Newfoundland May 5, 1988

An avid fan of fashion from an early age, Karyn credits Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgewick, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, Dsquared, and Agyness Dean as contributors to her savvy style.

Despite early ambitions of being a veterinarian and cowboy at age 5, Karyn is now pursuing Go- Go Dancing as her main profession with Communist Serf Rock Band, The Kremlin and as a Stylist for Model Citizens. As a good concerned Canadian citizen, Karyn may pursue a career as a part of the fashion police special task force in the near future.

Karyn enjoys the occasional mess of seafood and candy and always is game for Jiggs Dinner with extra extra mashed turnip. or just turnip- "enough to cover my body" she was quoted in saying recently. She can't resist fashion, dancing. cowboy boots and sunglasses and her favorite things in the world include vintage valentino silk bell sleeved top, leggings and boyfriend tees.
Hailing from the Fashion Mecca of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Liz Dunbar launched into her fashion career when moving to St. John's. A romantic and sensitive soul, Liz finds inspiration for her fashion forwardness from her family, friends, nature, and like everyone else - the internet. She is appreciative of creative designs that are of the moment, are tailored well and are quality fabrics. She is all about like simplicity, elegance and a petite amount drama in her wardrobe. Each season inspires her now favourite colour Lately she has been tending towards a childhood favourite she swore she'd never wear past age 8 - PURPLE!

Liz enjoys outdoor sports and icecream cones on first dates, poached eggs for brunch and having snowball fights when the snow is just right. Her daily shout out to Mother earth is to light candles at night which is both energy efficient and very romantic.
Leona Anastasia Molloy was born in the crispness of a Labrador City autumn. By age 5 she knew she would become a solid gold dancer, until these dreams were supplanted by aspirations of becoming an actor/english teacher. She has achieved neither (at least not professionally;) Were she not charitably classified as an essential employee by Eastern Health these days, she would spend her snow days watching Six Feet Under in her PJ's.

Ever the socially active soul, Leona's inspiration is Samantha Jones, her cause célèbre is poverty reduction, and her fave colour is shocking red. St. John's is her home and preferred locale, with the possible exception of Spain for siesta-related reasons.

Being a breakfast afficianado as well, Ms. Molloy's favourite meal on the cheap is breakfast for supper, and favourite way to eat eggs is via breakfast burrito at the Ship Pub. Guinness is Leona's favourite food and drink, but only on special occasions we are told.

Her favourite musician is the exemplary Hawksley Workman, her favourite piece of clothing is her leather jacket, and her weaknesses are Peacan Mudslide and her Model Citizens staff discount.
The tone for Mark Edward Quinn White's life was set when he bought his first two cassette tapes on the same trip to Zellers; Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club and the Rednex epic Sex and Violins.

Drawing inspiration and enjoyment from sources as diverse as Alexander McQueen, Sarah Slean, and Meryl Streep, MEQW is a connoisseur of vegetarian cuisine, broad colour pallettes and re-usable traveler mugs. He prefers boiled eggs over fried, Robert Wilson over Brian Wilson, and pasta over fisticuffs.

In a perfect world, MEQW would live in a cabin in the woods where he could eat roast beef and cuddle penguins in relative peace. Often seen wrapped in his trademark black and white scarf, he secretly drinks from the carton and snags the odd glass of Pinot Noir when he can.
Anna Valentine Coen was born on a special day in February that shall remain nameless. Born in the small town of Rural, Alberta, she wooed a Newfoundland boy with gifts of buffalo skulls and bacon and shortly thereafter moved eastward.

After moving on from early Marine Biology goals, Anna has settled into an idyllic life of textile studies, cribbage, White Russians, homemade pasta and Amelia Curran mixtapes.

Long an admirer of Jeffrey Lebowski (not that one), Vera Wang and her Nani, Anna spends her down time dining at The Sprout (her restaurant of choice), snacking on mouth-watering scallops, and sneaking off to bed early whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Her favourite colour is blue, she recycles anything that's not made out of anti-matter, has planted more trees that Johnny Appleseed, and walks more than Forrest Gump.